Thursday, May 29, 2008

Random Updates

My sister-in-law called tonite and told me I needed to come back from my "coffee break" this one's for you, Kristen!
The cliff note's version of what's been happening with Lily Lin...

-Lily can write the entire alphabet on her own now. I'm very proud of her for this...she is going to have so much fun in school!

-We were faithful fans of American Idol this year, and Lily watched it as well. So, the other day while listening to the radio she asked "Who's singing this, Mommy?" I told her, and she replied, "She's a good singer, Mommy. She doesn't have to go home."

-Out of the blue she has decided that she wants to be a big sister (and NOW)...tells us just about every day that she wants a baby sister AND a baby brother. On Sunday, after church, we picked her up from her class and her teacher looked at Jay and I and said, "So, Lily tells us she's going to be a big sister!?" Yeah, that's what she's telling us too...oh, but on a serious note, she handed us our "present" from class that morning and it was a picture of David and Goliath. When we asked her about them she said "David is small, and Goliath is big, but God is BIGGER than Goliath." How great is that!?

-My mom was teaching Lily that we all have "other" names...Mommy is Nikki, Daddy is Jay, Papa is Tom, etc. So, this was her prayer later that evening: "Thank you God for the sun and the clouds and the rain to help the garden grow...hey, mom, what is God's OTHER name?

So, obviously life is still a rockin' over here...things are just happening AWAY from the computer, for the most part. Memorial Day we BBQ'd with our neighbors (who are friends that feel more like family). Lily was sent a new watering can in the mail from a sweet friend and she has been out in the yard watering EVERYTHING! We are just soaking up the warmer weather and getting ready for Lily's 4th birthday party, dance recitals, and a vacation to Tennessee. We are enjoying every moment and remembering that this life is fragile and tomorrow (on earth) is not a guarantee.
That's all for now.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Please pray

Please pray for the Steven Curtis Chapman family. Their youngest daughter, Maria, was killed yesterday in a horrific accident. I am absolutely devastated for this precious family...they have been a wonderful example of Christ's love here on earth, and played an important role in our decision to adopt from China. Let's all lift them up to our Heavenly Father together! (for more info. go here)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Coffee Break

Needing some time away from the computer...we'll be back!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Our week in review

Sunday: Tried to get a good picture of Lily and I for Mother's Day. Didn't happen. Jay took this picture of Lily being silly and rubbing my cheeks telling me "you're the best mommy EVER!" She tells me this a lot, and my response is always "You're the best DAUGHTER ever!" We probably make people sick. Oh well.

Wednesday: was cold and rainy. (yuck!) I wanted to stay in bed all day, but that wasn't an option. So, I asked Lily if she wanted to go to the store with me to pick out fabric for a couple of good-wish quilt squares. I have had this on my list of things to do for WEEKS. But, I am the opposite of I do not ever set foot in stores like JoAnne Fabrics. BUT, I adore these 2 families that I have vowed to send a quilt square to - so off we went. Lily was very enthusiastic about "helping" me find the perfect squares. They were not what I would have picked, but she insisted that they were the very best patterns for her and her. She even had the woman who cut the square give her the extra material so she could wear it in her hair - Kim, look closely and you will see YOUR might be the only look you ever get at it - you know how horrible I am at follow through. But, I have the squares here. Just have to write the wish and send them on their way. (whew) Oh, and while we were there we found the CUTEST umbrella ever, and had to buy it. Lily was happy as a clam walkin' in the rain with that...gotta love the simple things.

Thursday: The sun came out, finally! So, we had some fun outdoors. Went for a long walk in the wagon and checked out every last flower and weed along the way. And that night Lily was so excited to carry her dance gear to class in her NEW ballerina bag! And, of course, we couldn't get in the car to go until she had done several arabesques in the yard first.

That was our week at a glance...enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our pre-teen

This is a conversation Lily had with her daddy a couple of weeks ago...She might have a thing or two to learn about how to hold the phone correctly...but she's got the ATTITUDE down! Can ya just picture her as a teenager? God help us. I have called age 3 the "magic" age - because it really has felt like that for us. She gained SO much independence, her vocabulary exploded, she has just been a joy. NOW, that being said, as we are approaching age 4...I am thinking that 4 might be the year of "sass"...we'll see. I'm hoping I'm wrong!

Pay It Forward

I'm sure most of you have seen the movie and/or seen this post popping up all over bloggy-land. We're just trying to spread the love here, people! Sound good?
So, I will send a gift (of my choosing) to the first 3 people who respond to this post...and then those 3 people will agree to do the same thing on THEIR blogs...sound good?
Alrighty then...leave me a comment so I can send you a gift.
(I'll have to get your mailing address, but we can work that out via e-mail).
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Movie Monday - Just for fun

Lily loves helping me practice my hip hop dance...She has two favorite parts...the ending where she sings "What is it!?" and the part where she does her best imitation of me doin' my moves. (her hips are moving and her hands are out to the sides)...she cracks me up. She used to turn her nose up at me when I called her a hip-hop girl, but she's now open to all kinds of dance! Hmmm...wonder if Mr. Dustin had anything to do with that!? Yeah, she still talks about him and refers to him as her "boyfriend"...ugh. (also notice she is wearing her red, sparkly "party" shoes...yeah, she has taken off the tu-tu for a moment, but insists on wearing those now!)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

I have been blessed beyond measure with the gift of motherhood. I will never take this gift for granted. I know how hard it can be (and in my case, was) to come by. And I know how quickly it can be taken away. Today I am thinking of the moms who have not yet held their babies in their arms. Instead, they hold them closely in their hearts and wait. They are still moms. They might not feel like celebrating today - but they are moms, just the same. I am also thinking of the moms who have lost a child or children. Those who have experienced pregnancy, only to have it end in miscarriage. Or those who have had the honor of parenting their children for a time, but then had to say goodbye too soon. And, today I am thinking of those women who long to be moms, but have tried everything they know how to make it happen, and yet they remain childless. I am saying a prayer that God holds these women a bit closer to His heart, especially today.
Today I thank God (as I do everyday) for allowing me to be a mom. And more specifically, for letting me be Lily's mom...for she is the coolest, sweetest, funniest, smartest, loveliest child I have ever known. I also thank God for my mom. She gave me life. Then she showed me Jesus, so that I may live eternally. I love this woman and am thankful to her for many things, but this one thing above all others. I am also very thankful for my mother-in-law. She is an incredible woman with a heart of gold. I love her and am so blessed to be able to call her mom. So, that's where my heart is today. Mother's Day 2008.
I didn't mean to get all deep (or dark) I'll end with this upbeat video. It is a "Thank you" to one of the coolest mommas I know! Kim, (or Miss "Tim", as Lily calls you), thank you for your kindness shown toward my daughter,once again. We haven't met you (yet), but we both feel your love!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Playing catch up

These pictures were taken over the past couple weeks - a glimpse at what we'd been up to when it was warm enough to get outside.
Now it is chilly again, so we are back to indoor (yuck) activities...but here is a look back at our happier, warmer days.

We went to the park where Lily can climb and be free - and of course A LOT of time is spent on the swings. She loves the "big girl" swing, but now and then she'll get in the baby swing so I can push her REALLY REALLY high.

Then, of course, we spend tons of time right in our own front yard. You won't be surprised to see Lily dressed in her ballerina costume. I mean, a girl's gotta look good for the neighbors! And, usually she's not out there dancing alone for or more of our sweet neighbors usually comes by to play,

Laney, is Lily's tu-tu clad friend! Could they be any cuter?
And, Wyatt, who is handing Lily a bouquet of flowers he just picked, is going to be a lifelong friend FOR SURE. Those two are 2 peas in a pod.

We are so blessed to have such wonderful neighbors...the kids play really well together! (And the moms have a whole lot of fun together too!)
And the last picture shows Lily trying to clean up a bit. (our yard could really use it). She really enjoys cleaning up...especially "brooming".
Wish I could say the same.

In other news, we spent hours yesterday moving all of the rooms around in our house. Lily's bedroom is now DOWNstairs, across the hall from ours. She hasn't been sleeping well in her bed - again - so this was our bright idea to make her less "scared" in her own bedroom. Lily was SO excited about the change...must have thanked us 100 times for her new beauty-ful room. Man, we were feelin' hopeful. Unfortunately, I ended up sleeping in bed with her last night...Ugh. We'll keep trying.
In happier news, Lily and I went and got haircuts yesterday. Lily's hair looks really cute - pictures (and a video) to come.
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Check out that face!!! Doesn't it look like she has a question to ask!? Well, I can pretty much assure you that she does. Lately she just rattles 'em off by the dozen! And it is no longer just "Why, why, WHY!?" Now it is "What is dirt made of?" "Trees and fwowers are living dirt a living thing?" "Is lip gwoss a living thing? It lives in the store!"
And don't even get her started on volcanos! They are her new obsession. She even wants Papa to take her to Washington (he has family there) to see one...but she is quick to say "But if it erupts while we are there, we will have to leave Washington quickwee!" The girl wants to know ALL of the specifics. Finally I had to tell her that I don't have all the answers and I had Jay stop by the bookstore on his way home yesterday and pick up a BOOK on volcanos. She has had me read several parts of it to her over and over again. She can now tell you all about 'em. The red hot magma travels up the vents to the earth's crust and comes out as lava...and then her hands go over her mouth as she says "it's really, REALLY hot! That's NOT good!" I'm so glad she is starting school in the fall...her teachers are gonna LOVE her. And, I'm sure they will be much better at handling all those questions!
*On another note, thank you all for your sweet, loving, wonderful comments on my last post. It is so nice to have your support and shared excitement as we embark on adoption number 2. I promise to keep ya'll posted as things progress.*

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A change of heart

I've been ready for quite some time to start the ball rolling for our second adoption, but hubby was NOT into it. Understandably, he is the bread-winner of the family, and didn't want to get in over our heads financially. We both work very hard, but there isn't a whole lotta EXTRA money after our bills are paid. So, even though we have both always wanted two kiddos, after months and months of asking and getting the same reply from him, I had about given up. I wasn't at all angry...I just started to get my head (and heart) around the fact that my family might be complete with the three of us.

Then last week, out of nowhere, Jay gave me the green light on adoption number two! I started to shake right away, and my heart began to beat faster...then my wheels started turning. I was on the internet researching different programs, and the next day I was on the phone with my social worker. A couple hours later we were pre-approved! So, now we wait (and wait), and pray (and pray some more). Nothing is set in stone right now. We have some ideas, and we are on a waiting list, but I am just asking God to lead us and trusting that He will - just like He did the first time. We know that nothing in the adoption world is happening quickly these days, and we're alright with that. We'll have time to plan, save money, get a room ready, pick a name, nest, and just enjoy our days with sweet Lily. I'm just happy to know that my family, in God's timing, is going to grow thru the miracle of adoption once again!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday's Faces

If I point the camera at Lily for long enough, all of her many wonderful "faces" show up sooner or later...Here are some of them:

1. Better watch it, momma, I'm feeling sassy!

2. I'm smart, and introspective.

3. Ah! I'm silly and goofy!

4. I'm thirsty...and I need some "soft" on me.

5. I'm just the sweetest lil thang!

On that note, here are some Lil tidbits from the past week or so...

She LOVES buds, flowers, and plants right now. Watching an infomercial on "Roll and Grow" the other day she got soooo excited yelling "Mommy, watch! Watch! Wook at dis! Dis is so tool! You wanna do dis next week, in da summer!? We can brow all da fwowers and make a beauty-full wainbow!""

Another thing my girl is crazy about: candy! I have been trying to get her to understand that it isn't good for her...and I think I'm finally getting through! My sister said that last week, after she gave Lily a sucker, Lily looked at her and said "This sucker is good, but it is NOT nupricious!" It didn't stop her from eating it anyway! Oh well.

The other morning I was eating a waffle and offered a bite to Lily. Her reply "no thank you, momma." I thought that was so I told her "Lily, you are so cute." She came back with "and so powite too, mommy."

Lastly, I took her to hip-hop class with me Tuesday night. She was hilarious - out on the floor doing our stretches with us and everything. She sat on the sidelines and just watched while we did our dance, but when the music was off and it was quiet for a moment, she yelled out to our instructor "Mr. Dustin! I love you!!!" After class she asked him to come home with her. Yikes. She will NOT be coming to class with me again.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. (I'll be working.)