Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baby Coming Soon!

OK people, I am exhausted...the butterflies that have made their home in my belly are keeping me up at night. Which isn't good, considering there will soon be a baby keeping me up at night! Jay and I are switching from the Korea program to the Domestic program because we have been "chosen" (hallelujah) by a birthmom to be the adoptive parents of the child she will be giving birth to in January! Everything has happened very quickly - it has been a total "God thing" and I will share all of the beautiful details in time.
Just thought I would share my happy, happy news with any of my friends who still check in on me here.
I'll be back soon.
P.S. Lily is over the moon excited that she will be a big sister in 2(ish) months, rather than in 2(ish) years! Woo hoo!!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Movie Monday

Just wanted to show everyone we're still alive and well. Just have some MAJOR stuff goin' on in our lives right now - and it's keepin' me from blogging.

We'll be back...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lil Tidbits at 4 years, 4 months...

Yep, today my baby is four years AND four months old. Ask her and she'll tell ya she'll be "foe and a half at Pwissmiss." I remind her on a daily basis that no matter how big she gets, she will ALWAYS be my baby. And, as much as my heart IS longing for another baby...I am really cherishing the incredibly special relationship that Lily and I have. There are so many times when it's just the two of us - and we truly enjoy each other's company. We do art projects, play Zingo, play "tag" outside, read books, tell stories, dance, sing, pray, and LAUGH...and LAUGH...(and LAUGH!)

So, here are some recent Lil Tidbits.

Her pre-school teacher relayed the first one to me...

-In class, they were discussing the differences between people - different features, skin colors, etc. Lily piped in with "My skin is tan because I was born in China and my parents flew on an airplane to get me!" Another time she excitedly exclaimed "We are different, but we are ALL God's creation!"

-Jay brought her up to see me at work one evening. She LOVES to help me around the restaurant, so I was letting her set some tables, and ring in some orders on the computer. She was so happy she nearly burst - next thing I know, she has herself wrapped around my leg and is squealing "I have DA BEST mommy!"

-There are still nights when she struggles to sleep well in her own bed. One night she called for me and explained that she was "having a hard time" and wanted to sleep in bed with mommy. I gave in and told her she could, so she began gathering Baby Spot and her blankie, but then sheepishly asked "how will my dad feel about this?" Another time she insisted that she couldn't sleep in her bed because "the wild noises outside my window make me nu-viss(nervous)." I told her to pray about it, so she did and managed to fall asleep. The next morning she told me that God took away the noises for her...and we haven't had a problem since! By the way, we live in a normal, and quiet neighborhood. There are no wild and crazy things going on outside.

The girl is a total sponge - so I am always extremely careful with the words I choose to say (especially when she is around). Unfortunately, not everyone does this. So, she has said and done some things that I don't appreciate. But, I realize these are all life lessons. We have had many discussions about only following or repeating someone who is making good choices and being a good example. Most of the time, she is really good about discerning which behaviors she can copy. However, I have still heard more times than I'd like "this is boring" or "I'm not INTO this, mom." Oh, and my favorite (picked up from a pre-school friend) "If you do that again, I'm not playing with you anymore." But, I know not to expect perfection from her...she's the first to remind me that only God is perfect - "we all make mistakes." Her pre-school teacher said to me the other day "All your days with Lily must be filled with such joy." And they are, they truly are. I think I will be forever pinching myself over this sweet girl who is so much more than a dream come true.

Pictured: Lily and her friend Molly, age 2. At our last play-date Lily said "Mowee is so cute, I could just eat her up!" (told ya she's a sponge)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Dance class is back in session. Lily loves it just as much this year as she did last...and she and Lexi are in the same class again, which makes them both very happy. They're like two peas.
She is still loving preschool and really comes alive when we get to school. (even when she is crabby with me - she snaps out of it as soon as she sees her school friends). She has declared Jadyn her BFF, but tells all of the kids that they will be "fwiends foweva." We've had a couple playdates, and I'm so proud of her for being a very good friend (most of the time).

However, due to the fact that everyone is back to the busy fall schedule...Lily is missing her friend Wyatt. He still lives across the street, but they haven't played together in weeks. She misses her prince...

She doesn't get to see her cousin Payton much either anymore...he hasn't even been over since she made "the warning signs" for him! We've gotta do something about this.
I'm so thankful for my sweet friends, and am happy to see my daughter forming wonderful relationships in her young life...I hope some of these kiddos are her friends forever. Wouldn't that be neat? I mean, I'm old enough now to be able to say to one of my girlfriends "We've been friends for 20 plus years!" And it doesn't matter how much time passes between our get-togethers, we are always able to quickly pick up where we left off.
And, I will also say that I am thankful for my online friends. Ya'll rock. XO

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Veggie Tales

Lily's new favorite video is Veggie Tales "Silly Songs: Dance of the Cucumber"...she watches it at least twice a day. This is her singing to my personal favorite song - Sport Utility Vehicle...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Beware! Don't go in there!

I don't have much to post about these days. That's not to say that Lily isn't being blogworthy, it's just that I haven't been feeling very creative. So, I haven't written much down, and I haven't picked up my camera much. Shame on me, yes. But, summer is gone. And, it is gonna take me a minute to be OK with that.

Anyway, one day last week Lily was out at the kitchen table doing crafts. I saw her with her scissors and her red paper, but really had no idea what she was up to. Minutes later she was grabbing the "sticky tape" and hanging these little pictures on all of our doors, and leading up to our stairway. She explained to me that it was a person with a line through it. The purpose: when we have her cousin Payton over, he will know not to go into the rooms or up the I can keep a better eye on him.

Do you think it will work?