Sunday, November 23, 2008

My graceful girl

Lily loves life - loves to be with people, read books, play games, LAUGH, go to school and church...but one of her greatest loves is dance. She is in her element when she is dancing, and it is such a joy to watch her.

This girl brings such joy into our lives. I am thankful for SO much in my life, but the gift of being her mom is at the top of the list.
I pray everyone has a happy Thanksgiving...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Braden!

My nephew Braden is seven years old today.

And, being the loving and kind aunt that I am - I decided to post these embarrassing pictures on my blog in his honor.

Sorry buddy, but when you put on Lily's butterfly wings and grabbed her wand you shouldn't have "posed" for me! And, you and your brother should both know that if you put on tu-tu's, I'm GONNA take a picture!

Seriously, I love this kid! He is ALL boy (despite the pictures) - and he has a heart of gold.

Happy Birthday, B-Dog. XOXOXO

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bad Blogger

These pics were taken at the Cider Mill about a month ago - but since I am the Queen of Blog Slackers these days, I am just now posting them.

Life is good here...Lily is as sweet as ever. Seriously. This was our conversation yesterday:

Lily: "Mom, how did I get to be your daughter when I was so far away?"

Me: "Well, mommy can't grow babies in her belly, so my babies grow in another person's belly - and then when they are born, I can adopt them into my family."

Lily: "So, after I was born - that is when God gave you my picture?"

Me: "Yes, I got a picture of you when you were 8 months old."

Lily (again): "But, mommy, don't all people from China have dark hair and brown eyes?"

Me: "Well, yes."

Lily: "Then, how did you know it was ME!?

Me: "Because you have lots of special features that make you different from the other people in China."

Lily: "So, after you saw me in my picture you came and got me?"

Me: "Yes, then daddy and I got in a plane and went to China to bring you home."

Lily: "I'm so glad mommy, cuz I always wanted you."

Me: "Aw, Lily. I always wanted you too. I loved you long before I ever even saw your picture, sweet girl."

(And, I love you more everyday.)

She seems to be asking more and more (specific)questions about how we came to be a family. Now that she sees babies growing in the bellies of friends who are pregnant, and with all of the talk about her soon-to-be baby brother/sister...

I just pray God continues to give me wisdom in how to answer these complex questions.
Hope this finds you all well. And, Michelle, if you are reading this: Happy Birthday to you!!! Lily says "Don't get crazy!"

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Visitors, Halloween, and update

This little lady came to visit us last week...we were so thrilled to meet her. She is a beautiful, sweet, miracle baby and we feel so blessed to know her. Can't wait to see you again (and your mommy too)!
Doesn't Lily look good holding a baby!?!

We also had another very special visitor! Gee-Gee came to town for a week and we enjoyed every moment. She lights up our life so much when she is here, and we miss her like crazy when she leaves.

Halloween was good this year. Lily was a princess, ballerina fairy. A very hodge podge costume, but it cost less than 10 dollars, so I was all for it. (plus, she thought she was pretty fabulous in it.) She decided she didn't want to go trick-or-treating, so we passed out candy instead and had a blast.

She was the leader in her school parade. Strutted her little self around in her cool shades.

Lily's preschool class. They are all adorable and wonderful. She has made some amazing friends this year! (Oh, and she is learning A LOT too.)
She loves school more than I can express. She is a happy girl, most days. She's amazing.

Baby update: projected due date is Jan 12. I am planning on driving there (out of state) with my parents and Lily to be present for the birth. We have chosen our name(s) - we won't know the sex of the child until he/she makes an appearance! Other than that, we are just quickly trying to get our family and home ready for an infant.
Thank you, everyone, for your words of support and congratulations. It means sooo much to me!
I will, eventually, share the whole story with you - and someday I'll visit all my favorite blogs again! But, for now, I'm gettin' ready for a baby! WOO HOO!