Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Weird Wednesday

Well, Christine has started doing "Weird Wednesdays" and I thought I'd play along this week. Most of the pictures I take of Lily are of her cute face...this one is of another one of her body parts. It is pretty cute, too, I might add. However, WHAT she said before striking this pose was what made me pause.

Lily: "I smell somefing"

Me: "What is it?"

Lily: "Me. I passed gas. Can you smell it?"

Nice, eh? Cute AND gassy. That's my girl.

AND, keeping with the "weird" theme, I have been tagged by Paula to post 7 weird/strange/random facts about myself. She and I have just recently become acquainted here in blogland. She is a very cool momma, so I've decided to play along here as well. (those of
you who already know me, or really could care less about my weirdness need not read any further!)
1. Lately I love watching reruns of "America's Next Top Model"...have actually stayed up VERY late doing this.
2. I was very tempted to get a nose job when I was younger. (if I had a lot of money, I would probably do it)
3. I lie awake in bed at night thinking about all of the things I did NOT get done that day.
4. I love my hip-hop class and in my dreams I am da bomb! (in reality, I kinda suck at it)
5. I eat too much. I think about food ALL THE TIME!
6. When I watch the "American Idol" tryouts I sometimes wish I was younger so I could try out.
7. I don't like feet. Most of 'em creep me out. ('cept Lily's...hers are cute)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Movie Monday. Installment One: Pwicky Puzzle

My friend Tracy suggested I start doing "Movie Monday" with my Lily, I'm doin' it. I love telling stories of my girl, but I'm sure many of my stories lose something in the "translation". So, every Monday you will get to hear Lily speak for herself! And as much as I enjoy her "Lilyisms"... I have been working with her on the letters of the alphabet that she hasn't quite mastered. The letter 'T' is one that we have been working on A LOT. She will now ask for a Ta-reat, instead of a pweat. And, she also realizes it is not a pwicky puzzle, but a T-T-Ta-ricky one. (Next, we'll try to tackle the 'K' sound.)

I taped Lily yesterday afternoon while she was doing her puzzle of the United States. I know I have mentioned this puzzle before, but I just love how quickly she has figured this thing out. She is already better at it than I am. I also love that she really enjoys learning facts and putting things together. She's smart in this area. (and I am SO NOT)... I also love how she is trying to be obedient and look at me while she talks, but finds it hard to take her eyes off of the puzzle. Focused much? Oh yeah.

In other news...Becky gave my blog a spiffy new look. Don't ya love it? I DO! You can find her at

Have a great week!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Mother

I am my daughter's number one fan. Duh! In my eyes, there isn't another creature out there more beautiful (inside or out) than my girl. I don't feel badly about that. I believe it's my job as her mom to think that she is IT. And to me, she is...she always has been. I loved her long before I laid eyes on her, but as soon as I took one look at this sweet face - I was a goner.

I remember wondering what kind of person she would become...there was a time when I couldn't even fathom her talking! And now we have such wonderful conversations. Every day with her offers so many new and wonderful surprises - fresh ways for her to bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart...

She is still convinced that when she grows up she will be an "astronaut in outer space." She has recently added that she will be taking five of her astronaut friends with her and "my famiwee will wait for me on earf". This addition was made after she discovered that momma was NOT going to accompany her. (No thank you.) But, I love that she is a big dreamer, yet still wants to make sure she's not goin' it alone...I think it is so sweet (at around 4pm) she will ask me what I'd like to do for "pwiet time"(this is a MUST now that she isn't napping.) Often we will do puzzles at this time...she's getting really good. She can do several of her "states" puzzle pieces without my help and she even knows the capital of Idaho is "Boys"! (Close enough.)...And the other morning when I opened the door to see that it had snowed, my first reaction was to mutter under my breath something quite unpleasant, but before I could do that, Lily was behind me squealing "Oh mommy! I was wishing we would get some more snow! Wook! It's so beeeauty-ful!" And she was right - it WAS beautiful. Because of her, I didn't even mind scraping my car that morning.

I've always known she was somebody very special...I just never knew I would fall more deeply in love with her everyday. I still pinch myself and wonder how I got sooo lucky. I don't say this to be sappy or evoke emotion - it's just how I feel.

Thanks God, for my beautiful angel from heaven...I am forever grateful for this gift. It was worth all the pain. She was worth the wait.

You saw every tear I cried...
Psalm 126:5 Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.

Psalm 113:9 He settles the barren woman in her home as the happy mother of children. Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our weekend (continued)*Edited-twice*

Friday night we had our "dance party" at my parents' house. (scroll down to watch the videos, if you haven't already!) My mother-in-law was with me and we even had her doin' the macarena! I LOVE my family. Lily also enjoyed some snuggle time with my cousin's daughter Reilly and my aunt, Gee Gee.

Saturday us grown-up girls (myself, my mom, my aunt, and my sis) went to a luncheon and had a very nice time together. Kate McVeigh was the speaker and we all LOVED what she had to say (and how enthusiastically she said it.) Gee Gee(MY AUNT) was healed that day and now I'm just waiting to hear her good report when she goes to see her doctor on Friday. Saturday evening we all went to the mall. It was a tad chaotic for my liking, and Lily wasn't really feeling that swell, so she was glued to my hip for the greater part of the evening. She did leave my side long enough to ride the carousel (of course) and play on the dangerous cootie-infested play area. (Yay) We did run into Children's Place and my mom bought Lily some "party shoes" and Gee Gee bought the girls (Lily, Logan, and Reilly) matching pink shirts. Gee Gee LOVES it when the girls match! (and the girls love it too)

Sunday we went to my Uncle Rick's for a brunch. Lily was feeling a bit better, so she had fun being "twins" with her cousins, playing the piano, and petting the dog Apollo. She was so excited to show everyone her new "party shoes"...even Apollo. She also brought along a package of her ladybug barrettes that Papa and Booma D got her for Christmas and was showing those off to everyone as well. (A tad strange, yes, but she reeeally likes 'em)

Now everyone has gone back home (to Texas and Florida) and we miss them, BUT, we have booked a family vacation in June. We're heading down to Tennessee...can't wait till we're all together again!

*After reading some of your sweet comments: I appreciate all of your prayers for my cousin, but it is actually my aunt who will be seeing her doctor this week...sorry I have confused everyone by throwing all of my extended family into the post! I don't expect ya'll to keep everyone straight!*

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sneak peek

Just a peek into our weekend. We had so much fun with family that we don't get to see on a regular basis. This is how we spent our Friday night. Can you say DANCE PARTY! ? Lily was trying so hard to learn all the right moves...and my cousin was a great teacher! It was hilarious to watch. And, yeah, you'd better believe I was dancing too. (just not on video!) Does anyone remember the macarena? (Used to be my mom's favorite!) And now another generation knows those moves! I will post more about our weekend later...just keep Lily in your prayers - she's been fighting a bug. She has a cough and some nasty congestion. Last night she woke up coughing and ended up throwing up (all over me and her bedding) so I was up doing laundry till VERY late. Today we just laid low - never got out of our jammies - and she's sleeping soundly now. Maybe she just over did it this weekend? Anyway, enjoy the dance videos! (My girl has real talent, don't ya think?)

P.S. If you watch the first video til the end you'll hear my aunt (Gee Gee) saying "This is going on the blog!" It is amazing how many times "the blog" gets mentioned in conversation! I would take a picture of my cousin's 8 year old daughter and she would smile and say "You can go ahead and put that on your blog." Cracks me up!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Lily and her cousin Payton can't get enough of Dora and her cousin Diego. Fireworks could have gone off in the kitchen and I don't think either of them would have even looked up from their beloved video! I love the picture where Lily has her hand on Payton's arm. They really are sweet together - when Payton isn't hitting Lily over the head that is. hehe God bless him, he is just ALL boy. But, when he looks at me and says "Nitti"...I just melt. Can't document enough how blessed we are to live so close to our family. Lily loves her cousins more than words can express, so I say Thank God for cousins!

On that note - my cousin Michelle and her kiddos are in town for the weekend. As well as my Uncle Jim and Aunt (Gee-Gee) so we have been havin' non-stop fun here. I will post pictures (and video) in a couple days.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hide N Seek

So, Lily still really enjoys playing Hide N Seek...and she has even come up with some pretty darn good hiding spots. (see pictures)

HOWEVER, she still does not grasp the concept of the game. Once she finds a spot to hide - that is HER spot. She will hide there over and over (and over) again, saying "I found a good spot!" Yes, Lily, but once you've been discovered - it's time to find a NEW good spot.
We've been playing a lot of hide n seek lately. Actually, we've been playing a lot of everything lately. Lily is officially done napping, so there are many hours in the day that we need to fill up with fun. The no nap thing was my idea - we needed to get this child sleeping before midnight. SO, this was our solution. For three nights now she has slept from 9pm to9am and it is glorious.
(she is also still upstairs in her big-girl bed, and usually makes it until 2am ish before I end up in bed with her...but it is still big progress for us.)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Lil' Tidbits and a lil' gratitude

Today I was in desperate need of getting some cleaning done around the house, so after getting home from a playdate I set Lily up in her playroom with some toys and books. This worked for a few. But then I heard "Momma! C'meeere! I neeeeed you!" So, up I went. When I got into her playroom she handed me her wand and said "You be da fairy and turn me into somefing." So, of course, I did my best fairy impression..."Bippity, Boppity, Boo! You're a DOG!" And Lily was on all fours, barking. "Bippity, Boppity, Boo! You're a BABY!" She responds saying "Mama" and doing her best "WHAAHH" Again? OK. "Bippity, Boppity, Boo! You're a...MOMMA!? She sat (thinking) for a moment, and then (giggling, with her hands on her hips) she says sassily "I got stuff to do!" Then I turned her into a frog. hehe

A bit earlier we were playing in her playroom and she looked perplexed. I asked her what was wrong and she said "I don't know what to do next." I asked her if she'd like to do some puzzles. "Oh yes. Wet's do da puzzle where we wive." So, she grabbed her puzzle of the USA. I grabbed the Michigan piece and said "Lily, this is know this is where we live in the US." Then she grabbed the Texas piece and said "Dis is Texas!" (I was surprised, and impressed...we hadn't done this puzzle in quite some time) "Wow, Lily! That's right" I said. "How did you know that?" To which she replied, quite confidently "Cuz I know things!"
Hope you all have a week filled with lil tidbits that make you smile.
P.S. To you beautiful ladies who nominated my lil blog for an award I say THANK YOU! I will be breaking all rules and NOT posting the awards on my blog. However, I am extremely grateful for your kind words and acknowledgement. The people I have met here in "blogland" are one-of-a-kind. I honestly can't picture my life without you guys in it. Seriously, I should cut back on my time spent here and get some other things done, but can't seem to do it. I just love you all too much. So, thanks.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Gone baby, gone!

When I first became a mom, one of the most frequent warnings that came my way was "Look out! Your baby will grow up SO fast!" I smiled and nodded and somehow I knew it would be true. I have always tried to savor every moment. I don't think I'm one to take any of this precious time with Lily for granted. But, that doesn't slow things down any. I am noticing a lot lately what a big girl Lily has become (in the blink of an eye). I adore the sweet, energetic, smart, silly, singin', dancin' girl she is - BUT it still catches me off guard at times. The other night I called home as I was driving home from work and Lily answered the phone.
Lily: "Hewwo?"
Me: "Hi Lily!"
Lily: "Hi momma! How ow you?"
Me: "I'm good, thanks"
Lily: "WHERE ow you?"
Me: "I'm driving home from work...I'm on the expressway"
Lily: "Ow you on I-75? Can you see Macy's Mow?"(She calls the mall Macy's Mall because she recognizes the red star)
Me: "(chuckling) Not yet...How was church tonight?"
Lily: "Good. I wike to tell you a story."
Me: "OK, go ahead."
Lily: "When we get home. See you soon!"
I'm not gonna lie. I hung up and got a bit weepy. When did this happen? When did she get so big?

*The picture is from Christmas. My MIL wanted a stepping stone kit with Lily's handprints in it. I thought it was a wonderful idea and really want to make another one for myself. So, at least her hands will stay little in that stone and we can look back years from now and say "Remember when?"*

Monday, January 7, 2008

A little homie wedding

If you scroll down, I've posted THREE more of them explains what a "little homie" is. I am enjoying the fact that my new camera takes beautiful videos. Enjoy!

Singing(?) with Lil

Lily, her (hot) noodles, and her "homies"

If any of you are wondering what little "homies" are...they are funny little figurines Jay buys for Lily everytime he goes to the grocery store (out of a "candy machine"). She loves 'em. Names them all. These two are names Ichabod and Ichachick...only my sister will know why.

Now, that is love

I've mentioned before the LOVE that Lily has for all things sweet. My girl cannot get enough candy...but I was NOT expecting this. She is too funny.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Just thought I'd give some updates since I have been spending A LOT less time on the computer lately...Lily, however, has been spending much time on hers. She asked for Leapfrog's Clickstart computer for Christmas and got it (thank you, Papa and Booma D) and loves it.
Other than that, I have been working some extra make up for the time off I had over the holidays. I am still suffering from a nasty cold/sinus/allergy thing that developed two weeks ago...and I am tired.

Lily is good. Her sassy attitude seems to have subsided and she is back to her sweet self once again. (thank God) She is still sleeping upstairs in her princess bed...however, most nights that is where you'll find me too! Oh well, baby steps. She is also struggling with our "eating better in 2008" motto. She really doesn't
want to give up candy. And I have noticed that everywhere we go, people give it to her. They give her a sucker when we checkout at the grocery store, a Hershey kiss at the bank, and I found MYSELF guilty of giving her some this evening before I left for work...a reward for her letting me go without a fight.
On the subject of rewarding good behavior I'll leave you with this: the other day I picked Lily up from my parents' house after work and she was excited to give me a "present".
Lily: "Mommy, dis is for you. It's a pwesent. I painted dis picture for you." (so she
hands me her painting)

Me: "Wow, Lily, thank you so much. That is so nice!"
Lily: "Momma, dat's what happens when YOU are a dood dirl!"
So, apparently I've been a good girl. Yay me.
Hope you are all doing well and that 2008 is off to a good start.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A new year, and a birthday

I always enjoy this time of year. I enjoy the calm AFTER the storm. The holidays were so much fun, but my head is still kinda spinning. I am happy to get back into our quiet routine. We have been soooo busy...gone all of the time. I was content just to clean my house and have some one on one time with Lily today. Oh, and we did run out to the store to get daddy a really cool b-day present. Yep, Jay turns 34 today. He got to celebrate by going back to work - yay! (but he had his new IPOD to keep him company, so he was alright). I work tonight, so I have his present wrapped and waiting for him to open when he gets home.
So, 2007 was good to us...but I am really thinking that 2008 will be even better. I bought a new devotional that I am already loving. I also bought one for Lily and she really seems to like hers too. She reminds me when it is time to pray, if I ever forget. She knows that Jesus lives in her heart...she's got the basics. I am just hoping that the THREE of us, as a family, grow closer to God this year. We are changing churches again and we have been talking about getting our priorities more in order. And YES, we are going to LOSE SOME WEIGHT this year! Even Lily said "We donna srow out da tandy...we donna eat better dis year!"
So, here is a picture of me and the birthday boy (30 seconds before 2007 came to an end) and a couple pics of our favorite little "party animals" who helped us welcome in 2008.