Monday, August 10, 2009

Shame on me!

Dear Diary, it's been almost 2 months since my last entry...

Yikes! I was warned that once that second baby joined the family, my journaling would suffer greatly. And, it obviously has...but I am promising myself to do better -starting now!

And, I am also going to give my blog a much-needed makeover. Life with Lily Lin doesn't cut it anymore - Devin would certainly have something to say about that. Or, he would if he could talk anyway. Don't worry baby boy, I'll get you in the title here soon.

Speaking of Devin, he will be six months old on Friday. Time is flying by at a speed that scares me and takes my breath away. I really didn't think I was a "baby person", but Devin has taught me otherwise. I love every moment with this squishy, squirmy, burpy, little thing. I am already getting so sad, knowing that he is quickly exiting his baby-ness and getting big on me. He is eating baby food from a spoon, rolling over (and over and over), smiling, laughing, babbling, trying to crawl, sitting up with help, standing up with help. Stop the madness already! But seriously, he is a JOY. He's content in just about every situation. Only cries when something is really wrong. Smiles almost constantly. Eats like a champ. Sleeps like a dream. (7 pm to 7 am most nights). Jay and I are walking around pinching ourselves that God blessed us with not ONE but TWO of the most amazing kiddos in the world!

Lily is doing really well also. She is, however, starting to show some signs of jealousy of her brother. But, she is good about verbalizing it so I am working hard to reassure her that our love for her has not, and will not ever change. It can't be easy to have to share your parents all of a sudden - when you've had them all to yourself for 4 years. Other than that, she is just up to her usual tricks. Crafts, ballet, computer time, cards, games, dressing up, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, playdates, etc. We are also getting ready for kindergarten in less than a month. HELP ME! We've been practicing our math, sight-reading, writing, and such. She is so excited and ready to begin...I'm excited for her. It's gonna be hard on me, though. I'll miss my girl.

(picture taken at soccer camp last month)

That's all for now...