Monday, May 4, 2009

Lil tidbits...and Dev bits too!

Lily is still my pretty, pretty princess...which also happens to be the name of her new favorite game. She has enjoyed preschool a ton, and learned so much, but is ready for summer fun now. Her last day of school is next Thursday - and we're both looking forward to it. We have a special Mother's Day Tea this week, and then a bowling party next week to end with a bang. She has always been a bit "quirky", and now that she's getting older it is showing up in different (and interesting) ways. She is SO detail oriented. She wants to know everything about everything. She is mesmorized by infomercials and will tell me things like "we need that mommy, it kills 99 percent of germs" and "they'll give us one for free if we order now." She insists I read the labels on her lotions and soaps over and over (and over) again...and is just as interested the 100th time I read them to her as she was the first. She is very enthusiastic about the "green" way of life - reminding me when I am wasting energy or water...or when I am throwing something in the garbage can that SHOULD be going in a recycling bin. Her favorite book is "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" and she has memorized every last word. She not only reads it, but SINGS it daily. Detests movies - all of 'em. She is convinced they all have a scary part or character (which is kinda true), and she wants no part of it. She still adores her baby brother, and he comes alive when she talks to him...the feeling is apparently mutual.
Speaking of Dev...
He is doing SOOOOO great! He has changed dramatically over the past few weeks, and I thank God every day for the sweet, happy-go-lucky boy he is right now. I also know that babies are unpredictable and subject to change at any given moment, so I'm just livin' in the moment. He is on a pretty regular schedule these days, and his sleeping spans at night have gone from 3 hours to 4 or 5 hours, which is nice. He loves being "sweet talked" to. He smiles, coos, and even laughs. He still loves his swing, and now enjoys his bouncy seat and his "Baby Mozart" video. He likes to hang out on the ottoman, just kickin' his legs and staring at his fist. He likes his crib and sleeps well there. Loves his formula - eats like a champ. Honestly, the only thing he really doesn't like is being held. I usually only hold him after feedings, to burp him, and sometimes to rock him to sleep.

Those are all the bits I can muster up right now...until next time!