Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our Weekend - worth the drive!

Well, Saturday morning we headed to Jay's parent's cabin...we finally arrived at 3 pm. As Lily put it "this is taking us FOR-EVER!" But, when we got there, we decided it was well worth the drive. The cabin is absolutely beautiful - and this is our view from the balcony. Ahhh...so nice.
Lily was so happy to see everyone again. She always has such fun with her cousins Morgan and Macey. One of the highlights of the trip for them was definitely riding on the 4 wheeler with Papa.

Lily would tell Papa when he was going too fast for her liking...she kept a close eye on the speedometer! (she is cautious like her momma.)

We also spent a lot of time at the campground where more family and friends were staying. The girls had a blast playing in the sand and in the waves of Lake Michigan.
Lily enjoyed the water, but the waves kept her REAL close to her daddy at all times.

Mr. Tom was teaching the kiddos how to make an acorn whistle. They never quite got it to work, but they sure did have fun trying.

Lily is still coming down from her sugar buzz from the weekend - between the oreos, s'mores, ice-cream, etc. Ah - we're taking a break from sugar around here for a bit.

Lily immediately warmed up to Papa's brother Ken...even told me at one point that she wanted to go live with him instead of me. I reminded her that family is forever - and she can't get rid of me that easily. She eventually decided that this is a GOOD thing. Silly girl.

Lily and her cousins sittin' around playing with money. Life is good...
She already misses everyone - especially her sweet cousins. Last night, before bed, she told me that she really wants a girl baby. I told her that she'd better start praying for one. So, she closed her eyes and said "God, pweese give me a girl baby cuz Morgan has Macey and she's a girl too. Hay-men."
Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend too!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sounds like you had a Great Weekend..
LOVE the pictures..
Lily is sooo sweet..
Hope she gets a sister... Have a Great Week..
The view from the cabin is beautiful..
Love ya girly..

ADELE said...

Oh what a fun trip! I love the picture of Lily on the 4wheeler with her Papa. That is too funny that she was watching the speedomter. Mallory would be the same way.
Glad you all were able to get away and have such a fun and relaxing weekend. Have a great week!

Pixel Fairy Princess said...

What a wonderful weekend - Love the images of her at the beach. I couldn't help but laugh! I remember a little boy her age who used to complain that it would take "FOR-EVER!" to go up state :D But like you said - always worth it!!!
Ladybug hugs,

kerri said...

Wow Nikki, what a wonderful weekend, I love the view from the cabin!!
I laughed out loud when I read that it took For-E-ver, that's exactly what the girls say when we are heading to our cabin, thank goodness for D.V.D's, LOL!!

Michelle said...

Lots of fun stuff!! So glad Lily had fun with her cousins. Wow....I wish someone in our family had a cabin with a beautiful view like that!! What a nice way to end the summer!!!

Have a great week, Nikki!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! Praying she gets a little sister, she would make a great big sister!

Beverly said...

sweet lily!! She needs a baby sister. and maybe a baby brother too. love the pics. you make camping look like fun.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet prayer! I hope God says, "Yes!!!"

Anonymous said...

love the pictures! i'm glad you guys were able to get away for some R&R this weekend.

mommy24treasures said...

sounds and looks like a wonderful trip!
Lily is going to be the best big sister!

redmaryjanes said...

She is so cute! I love all of the photos and it looks like you guys had a wonderful time in a beautiful place.

sara said...

The day at the lake looks & sounds great!! I wish we could get to a place like that in a day trip!!

Linette said...

What a great way to end the summer! Just think..pretty soon you'll be running around trying to get Lily to preschool in time. :)

SO glad you had a fun trip! Love that 4wheeler picture!

Gee Gee said...

What a peaceful setting that looks like! You're so blessed to have a place like that to escape to... Looks the girls had a fabulous time with everyone. I can't wait til she meets her new little sister!!!

3 Peanuts said...

Oh my goodness...it looks like such a FUN weekend:) Hope you are doing well sweet friend.

The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh looks like you had loads of fun! The cabin looks heavenly! Praying for a sister for your sweet girl!


Steffie B. said...

Ahhhhh....life is good! ;)

Kristi said...

Enjoying the great outdoors! Just to let you know all the back to school butterflies are gone and Anna is liking school. I have to admit I am liking being able to zip around on errands and stuff for the couple of hours she is away. I miss her but I can get some things done! I know Lily and you will do great when the time comes. We talked so much about it beforehand. One thing that was helpful, Anna shared she was very nervous. I shared with her that sometimes being excited feels a little like feeling nervous and that most of the children would be feeling the same way. She seemed comforted by knowing they were new at this too. This was helpful as she repeated it several times over the first 2 weeks of school esp. on the way to school. Now she tells me she is excited about school. Oh how she loves coming home with all her activities/crafts/sheets for the day. We sit down and she shows me everything. You will enjoy that part too! I am here for you if you get those butterflies too! Mine are better now! Hard to let them go!

Mommy Spice said...

There's nothing better than time with family. And the s'mores make it even BETTER!!

kris said...

What a wonderful weekend, and what a sweet prayer from Lily, but that's no surprise- she is such a sweet girl!

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

Came to your blog via mom24treasures.

what great pics of your vacation. That pic of the two of them on the 4wheeler is darling!!!!!

And what a sweet prayer. That had to make your heart smile!


Juliette said...

How much fun you had...despite the long drive :-) Yes life is good!
We just booked a cottage on a lake for our Thanksgiving weekend (a month earlier than you here in Canada). I just can't wait!

Maëlle prays every night for a little brother AND a little sister!

Jewels of My Heart said...

What an absolutely special, wonderful time! Love all the pics... how fun!
I am so happy your family was able to share this time together.
Love you friend

Mr.Brian said...

So happy to hear it was a fun weekend.Looks like a great and relaxing view.
Let's just hope she keeps an eye on the speedometer when she starts to drive.(Yes I know a way to go before she drives).Let's not rush it right?

Anonymous said...