Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas is coming

Christmas is around the corner, and we are ready. This year we are not exchanging presents, but will celebrate simply by being together and really focusing on the "reason for the season". Oh, and we'll be gettin' ready for our baby:) Projected time of arrival is approximately January 8th. The birthmom is out of state, so my parents will be traveling with Lily and I. Originally we thought we would be living out of a hotel while there (for about two weeks), but now we have a house to stay in - free of charge. A very gracious and wonderful woman has offered her home to us, to avoid the financial burden of a hotel room. Wow. God has been moving mountains for us here - I feel so blessed to be a part of it all. I know I don't update much these days, but that will change when the baby is home with us. Until then, just keep all of us in your prayers...thank you so much!Other than that, not much is new. Things are going well here. Thanksgiving was nice. Lily requested to be the "pray-er" before our feast. It went something like this "Thank you God for this best Thanksgiving ever...let us be nice to each other and not mean to each other...thank you for this your name, Haymen!" She is still loving preschool and church and making lots of friends wherever she goes. She still dances and piroettes to get somewhere, rather than walking. Life is good.
Later, friends.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the picture of Lily..
She is sooo sweet..
Glad things are going well.
I can not wait for little one to come home and be with her/his family..
Have a Great Evening.

Anonymous said...

Wow! January is just a breath away! What an exciting time!

Anne Marie said...

Aw, Nikki, I miss you :-) January 8th? January 8th?!? OH WOWWWW...I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is a beautiful pic of Lily.

Rachel said...

January 8th will be here before you know it!

I love the picture of Lily.

We are moving into our house tomorrow - we're back in Detroit! :)

Hope to see you soon,

Rachel said...

January 8th will be here before you know it!

I love the picture of Lily.

We are moving into our house tomorrow - we're back in Detroit! :)

Hope to see you soon,

Linette said...

Oh Nikki..your life is about to get so exciting! Will definitely be praying for you. Love this picture of Lily. Hannah dances everywhere she goes too. :)

Juliette said...

Good to read everything is well.
Thanks for the updates!

hollym. said...

Lily will soon be a big sister, and you a Momma to TWO!!!

I say, "HAYMEN to that!!!";)

Rhea Anne said...

How wonderful... Have a Merry Christmas. Lily will be a great big "sis".

Steffie B. said...

I've been thinking of you....I know you are over the moon excited.....Love ys girl...

bbmomof2boys said...

Hi Nikki!!

Wow - you have been one busy girl! I'm so excited for you. January 8th is just around the corner (like you need to be reminded!). What a wonderful time of year it is for you!


PIPO said...

So glad that life is good. Soon, it will become even better. What a beautiful and bright January around the corner!

Anonymous said...

The celebration of a baby's life seems so perfect for the birthday of Jesus. I am sure he is smiling on you all! Do keep us updated, Nikki!

day by day said...

Hi Nikki! The time is getting so close...I am super excited for your family!!!!!

I think your idea of Christmas celebration is just perfect. We do very little gift wise so to make sure that Jesus remains the reason for celebrating!

Have a great week-end, my friend!!

redmaryjanes said...

How exciting, your babe is coming!

Kristi said...

Wonderful news in your update, Nikki! We are happy for you guys as everything is falling into place. Confirmation as God works out the details both big and small. We are having a simple Christmas this year as well, no exchanging of gifs with either side of our families. It has made for a good Christmas season as we are not shopping, but focusing on the real meaning of this season! Hugs!

kris said...

I am so happy for you and your whole family, with this new life on the way as we celebrate the birth of Christ. And how wonderful that you are all focusing on the true meaning of Christmas this year. Our family is doing the same. I know the economy in many ways might be forcing families to do this, so in a way, maybe that's a blessing in disguise- you know? Helping us refocus and get our priorities straight again. I used to beg my mom when I was a teenager to do ONE year with NO presents. This year, we're feeding the homeless. I can't wait.

Steffie B. said... computer seems to be acting better...can you see my blog yet?

Jonni said...

Oh honey, what absolutely fab news. you know you always have a place with us here in Syracuse right? Our home is your home my friend. I love the photo of little Lily-bug. I hear ya on the gifts stuff. We are also trying to implement that this year since the adoption expenses and everything else are making money tight for us. Can't wait for you newest arrival. Not too much longer.


3 Peanuts said...


I am so excited for the new baby to arrive. I am praying for a peaceful delivery and transition for you all:)


Janet said...

I can't believe you are so close to your baby. I can't WAIT to see him/ her.....:-)

Beverly said...

love her sweet heart for God. she is precious.

Mr.Brian said...

What a perfect prayer.
And Congrats on the news.I missed that one so I am excited to read that.what a great way to start the new year.

mommy24treasures said...

oh I love this post, we feel the same way about gifts and will not exchange either.
It is all about love and family. I am so excited for your new addition.

kerri said...

What a beautiful photo of Lily.
So glad everything is coming together for January!
Thinking of often my friend, hugs for the holidays.
Lily Thanksgiivng prayers was beautiful, i just adore that girl. :)

Miss Scarlett said...

Getting sooo excited to meet your little one!!!!! ; )

Anonymous said...