Monday, July 23, 2007

My Ballerina is back...ready for "dance bwass"!

I took dance lessons growing up and LOVED it! So, I have dreamed of the day when I would have a daughter who would follow in my footsteps. I remember my recitals (that lasted HOURS) and I really cannot wait to sit thru some of those suckers. I went to my friend's daughter's recital a few years ago and cried through most of it...picturing my little darling up there. Well, it looks like the time is drawing very near. Lily has gotten her ballerina costume back out of the closet and has been doing her "ballaweena moves" all over the place lately. She is even wearing the shoes now! (thanks again for the great Christmas present Papa and Breema!) So, I have been looking online and making phone calls gathering information on dance studios in the one major concern was how Lily would do in class -- without me or hubs there. But yesterday we went to church and Lily went into her "kids class" all by herself. Just said "OK bye, see you after church" to daddy. Um. This has NEVER happened before. Jay and I were in total shock and sat through the entire church service with one eye on the pager that the teacher had given us in case they had a problem. At one point I was convinced that dang pager was broken...Lily just had to be SOBBING for us by now, I thought. Nope, church ran late and when Jay went to pick her up she was still busy playing with "her tids". So, she is officially ready. I will be signing her up for a "dance bwass" in the fall and I am just giddy!

Just to clarify: "her tids" is her kids, her homies, her pals, her friends! (The "K" sound still doesn't exist in her world.


Verna said...

So, my only question is:
Will Spot be taking dance classes too??? ;)

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

She is darling..
Hope she loves it .. I likes dance and gymnastics..
Have a great day.

nikki said...

Oh yes, V! I'm sure we'll have to get Spot his own little tu-tu!

Lauren said...

What a cute outfit!!!

Janet said...

CUTE! My little girl wanted to be a ballerina one day too. I enrolled her in dance class and she HATED it! She said it was "too slow". In other words, she didn't get to run adn jump enough.....:-)

Sounds like our little one will LIKE her dance class! LOL!

Kimber said...

What an adorable little ballerina!


Mr.Brian said...

How sad for mom and dad when she did not cry.Does that mean she is growing up????NOoooooo not your little baby.
Wait til she stars dance.She will just blossom into a fine young dancer,then to ice skater and before long I will be watching her on Saturday afternoon on ABC figure skating. And I can say.... I remember when she started dance lesons.
So maybe I am going a bit over the top but hey never hurts to dream BIG!!!!

Steffie B. said...

That is just great! Sophia is totally excited about going to preschool in the Fall.

Love that ballerina tu-tu.

Dannye said...

what a sweet ballerina monkey Lil makes!!! definitely keep us posted on those "dance bwasses" and you gotta take video and/or photos so we can experience it along with you!!

crazylady said...

Pink tootoos are heart stopping.
Twirl until you are dizzy girl!

mommy24treasures said...

wow! It is such a momentous occasion when they can be without us and be okay. Then we realize we are not okay ;)
I am sure she will LOOOVE dance class. My 5 year old has gone for 2 years and out of 2 years only cried one day for a minute. The problem was seeing me drive off. I usually took her to her room but I thought she had gotten old enough to just drop off, silly me ;) She started screaming at the top of her lungs before I got out of the lot.

Holly said...

What a beautiful Ballerina! said...

Pre-school? Already? Oh, man I couldn't imagine.

ADELE said...

She is a very pretty ballerina! I, too, took dance growing up and I couldn't wait to have a daughter of my own to let take lessons. We just signed her up last week. She is so excited! I can't wait until recital time either and we haven't even had the first class yet. HAHA.
I hope your daughter loves dance!

Sophie's Mom said...

Awe... I remember when my oldest took dance. I could only get her to do it one year though (she was 3). She lost interest quickly.

Can't wait to see her. The costumes are so cute!

Beth and Shayna said...

Oh my gosh, my heart is melting with yours. I took dance and still have my recital outfits and cannot wait for Shayna to start dance. And it sounds like Lily is getting to be a big girl and is ready to start classes. Bring on the pics and videos with the recitals!

a&mg said...

Wow, she looks adorable! I remember those dance recitals from when I was a kid, too. My tutus were never that cute.

new girl said...

YAY! That is so exciting -- ready to go out into the world! Go Lily!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww what a beautiful little ballerina...

lnipper said...

What a beautiful ballerina. You give me hope that one day my daughter will go into her class at church with out screaming the whole time. It's amzing how they grow up. Can't wait to see photos of Miss Lily at her dance class in the fall.

Tracy said...

Lily is becoming such a big girl!! I can't believe how fast our little girls are growing up .... (P.S. Try to avoid figure skating lessons.)

Tracey & Mike said...

Adorable as always! Our papaya has announced that she wants to take dance lessons too - highland dance! (so much for dreams of tutu's and pink tights!) said...

Oh, man. I can't wait for my little monkeys to take dance. Not because I did. But because I DIDN't! ha ha. I want them to experience it.

She is gorgous in her "tu-tu".

kerri said...

Oh how adorable, I love the outfit!!
I signed Jennifer up for dance class, I was excited, she disliked it so much, sat on the floor most of her recital.such disappointment..
I hope Lily enjoys her classes, she is a very beautiful ballerina.

Doris & Dan said...

She will be fab! What a big girl. Those recitals are something I look very much forward to.

Keep smilin!

Emmie said...

Love her little outfit and the pics are too cute! So glad to hear she did good in class at church! That's awesome! =)

Gee Gee said...

Oh, Nik, I'm soooooo glad she's ready to get out and see the world. She has a surprise a day for you doesn't she?

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Oh man I can just see you whacking the pager to make sure it worked.
She is a big rude!

Panda-Mom said...

Lovely ballerina! ;)

Beckyb said...

That is SO neat - yep, she will make a GREAT ballerina!!!

a&mg said...

You are tagged, baby! Check out my blog.


you know how they say opposites attract ... you and me baby .. you will have lily in dance class and i will have emily on the bball courts ... love ya!

Ms. Dragonfly said...

Oh my. Completely irresistable!
Love the pink shoes the most!

Jonni & John said...

I am so excited for Lily to start her "dance bwass". She is such a beautiful little ballerina.


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