Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lil Tidbits

Conversations that have taken place lately with my girl:

Lily: "I wanna be an astronaut when I brow up, mommy. What do YOU want to be?"

Fabulous question, Lily. Mommy is still trying to figure that one out. I'll get back to you.

I was watching TV while Lily was in the kitchen coloring...two of the characters on the show were arguing - Lily looked up from her project and yelled: "Hey! Talk nicewee people!"

Lily asked me for a I was retrieving said cookie from the fridge she asked me AGAIN for a cookie. I looked at her and said "Lily, I am in the process of GETTING your cookie!" And she said, "Oh!! Thank you for being such a good wistener!"

We are practicing her letters. She is very receptive to this - she tries very hard to pronounce her words correctly, but she still has a lot of trouble with several letters. She is currently working on her L's...She can say her name correctly (if she concentrates) and is now LiLy instead of YeeYee. I think she has mastered the tr sound. Treat is now Ta-reat instead of pweet. And truck is ta-ruck instead of pwuck. "But I still gotta pwactice the Ta-ricky wetters, I mean Letters!"

Random funny: Driving in the car she tells me from the backseat "Turn this song off mommy, it makes my eyes water!"

This morning she woke up to the sound of Jay scraping our cars in the driveway..."Momma, come pwick! Wook! Who's outside!?" I came upstairs to see only her bootie hanging out from behind her window shade. I looked out with her and saw Jay standing there waving. Lily asked me what he was doing. I told her he was scraping the snow off our cars..."But I don't want daddy to do that. I want the snow on's so pretty."

And I'll end with this: While we were playing with her sticker book she put a sticker in its proper place without me telling her where it went - I asked her "How did you know the sticker went there?" She said "Cuz I'm smart."

Me:"Lily, did you know that your momma loves you?"

Lily:"Yes. Did you know that I really love you too?"

Me:"Yes, but I still don't know how I got so lucky."

Lily: "Cuz I love you?"

Me: "Yeah, how did I get so lucky?"

Lily: "Cuz God gave me you."

So, as my sappy eyes start to fill with tears I see her grab one of the three tic-tacs I had given her and pop it into her mouth...then she looks back at the remaining 2 tic-tacs and says "I'll eat you in a second."

She melts my heart and then cracks me up...over and over and over again.

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!!!! Did anyone else watch "Kai Lan" on Nick Jr? Lily was counting to three in CHINESE at dinner tonight because of that sweet show. She's like a Chinese Dora. Love it!


Jody said...

I HAD to leave a comment because I get to be the first one. I feel so lucky. She is so darn cute, and evertytime I read the blog I feel blessed because I get to witness all this knid of stuff while many others only get to read about it. I love her!! and you too Nik!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Lily is adorable...
God did pick the best little girl in the world for you..
She is amazing..
I taped that today.. can't wait to learn my own chinese words...
Have a Great evening..

~Amy~ said...

ahhh, I got to end my day with Lily-isms! That just made my day perfect! You are VERY lucky to have her. I need a girl like that...keeps me laughing and still melts my heart!


Beckyb said...

I agree with Lil - let's leave the snow on everything - it looks BEAUTIFUL!!!

Laura Nipper said...

Awh that Lily is such a cute little thing. I cant wait for the day when Morgan really starts talking. Its been a slow road and a slow week with words the last couple of days. :(

We watch Kai Lan last night. It was so darn cute. Morgan really liked HoHO & of course Kai Lan

i-Con said...

Happy CNY to you and your family!

I so look forward to the day I get to have those great conversations :0)

Juliette said...

That Miss Lily is so darn cute and funny. Oh and smart, she knows it lol
What a sweetheart, I really enjoy reading Lil tidbits.
Thanks so much and have a great weekend! Gong Xi Fa Cai to the whole family!

Beverly said...

Glenys is practicing her words too. She said "pe pe pe pe piyyow" the other night. She got the p sound but lost the ll. Great conversations.


Mob said...

I just love all the Lillyisms. That is so cute that she wants the snow to stay on the cars and I love the little left out tic tacs, I'll eat you next.
What a treasure.

kerri said...

Yes, God did give you one of the best little blessings in the world, what a smart, witty and charming little sweetie girl.
Happy New Year Lily love the monkeys!!

Denise C said...

Lilyisms just make my heart smile! My personal favorite from this compilation is: You are a good listener mommy as you are quickly moving to get the cookies!!!! hee-hee! A girl after my own heart....ahhhh yes cookies!
What a sweet& funny girl you have!!! Precious!
Hope you guys are thawing out some up there in snow country!!! It is a bit nippy here...but no snow of course! We never get snow fun!!

Tiffany said...

What a sweetheart she is!!!!!! Thanks for sharing these sweet things she says and does!!!!

Our Lily is still dancing around and says like Lily on caputer (computer) does.

We will be watching the show tonight.... taped it. You are so right.... she is like a Chinese Dora.

Two Kayaks said...

Such incredible wisdom from such an incredible girl!

P.S. I think you are a good wistener too.

Sharon said...

Happy CYN!! I adore it when moms post the cute conversations!! I hope you do it again very soon! I think its the 'bestest' blogging stuff ever! Out of the mouth of babes

mommy24treasures said...

I love all of them, can't choose a favorite.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Steffie B. said...

She is so cute....and yes we watched that show too! ;)

Mr.Brian said...

LOLOLOL there can never be a dull moment with her.
I can tell thet her mommy spends lots and lots of time with her.

Janet said...

Those conversations with her are priceless! They always make me smile!

JulieM said...

How cute is Miss Lily!! What fun things to have writen down! She is way too funny! Have a great weekend!

Lauren said...

Awww...Lily is soooo adorable!

The Shocks said...

I love to hear what she is always coming up with.

We watched Kai Lan. Hannah really liked it. I hope they keep it on.

Jewels of My Heart said...

She is just darling beyone words... her heart is sweeter than sugar and her little mind is so smart.
Just too cute!

Gee Gee said...

Oh, that Lily is one in a million! I loved her talking to her tic-tacs. Did she get her special card from Gee-Gee yet?

Kimber said...

Oh my thse conversations are SO adorable! I get teary reading them. Lily is simply precious.

I cannot wait for Kate to become more independent. She doesn't get two step away from me! I guess it will be around the corner.

Anonymous said...