Friday, February 1, 2008

My Practice Princess

Before I was a mom, I practiced my mothering "skills" on several unsuspecting kiddos. There was my niece Logan - my first love. My nephew Braden - my first real experience with a baby of the MALE gender...and there was my god-daughter Sydney. I began watching her when she was about 3 months old every Wednesday so her momma (my friend since childhood) could go to work. I did this until Sydney was 2 years old. *stopped a few months before traveling to China* I learned A LOT from this girl. She tested my patience when it came to nap time, but she wowed me with her humor and smarts. I remember looking thru a sticker book with her when she was about 18 months as she pointed to a strange looking sea creature and stated (clear as a bell) "puffer-fish". I'll never forget it. In a lot of ways she prepared me for what was to come. She is a princess thru and thru. Loves to dance and sing and show off for the camera...sound like anyone else we know and love?

Anyhoo, I don't get to see her as often as I'd like - her mom and I have very conflicting schedules. BUT, we did have a little get-together a couple of weeks ago and had a blast. It came as no surprise to us that Sydney and Lily hit it off. Sweet and spicy princesses with the outfits to match! They performed for us...each singing their own song at the top of their lungs - at the SAME time. (Neither one was real eager to give up their stage to the other.)
Ah, gotta love a life surrounded by royalty. I'm just a humble servant.
Some updates:
-Lily is feeling much better. I, however, am feeling like junk...can't get rid of this nasty sinus headache and chest congestion. It's keeping me up at night.
-I cleaned my house today. I mean, REALLY cleaned it. It felt so good. Lily was on the computer playing "Little Einsteins" for over an hour. Never heard a peep out of her. It was perfect.
-I am so ready for spring...and we're supposed to get a BOAT LOAD of snow tonight. Oy.
-Lily is doing really well with her new schedule of no nap and early bedtime. It has given Jay and I our evenings again and it is really nice.
That's a wrap. Happy Weekend, all.


Denise C said...

Such little cuties!!!I am glad to hear that Miss Lily is better...but sad that you are not! I am achy and feverish as well..... uggggg! No fun when there are things to get done 'round here!
Hang in there my friend and I'll pray that you feel better soon!
Love & Hugs!!!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Love the pictures..
Those two look like they had a lot of fun..
Hope you start feeling better..
So glad that the sleep fairy has hit bloggerville.. sounds like a lot of mommy's are getting some sleep..
Let's hope she stays around...LOL..
Have a Great Day girly..
Hugs to you..
Glad to see that AZ. is on the map...LOL

~Amy~ said...

too cute! I hope you feel better...I'm in a poopy feeling mood myself...ugh. Happy February and Friday girl!

kerri said...

There are two liitle adorable princesses!!
I too practiced parenting on my hubby's cousin little girl until she was 2.
Sorry to hear you have not been feeling well, I too have a sinus infection, feeling empathatic for you.
Glad to hear Lily is on track with her sleeping patterns.
We are having a snow day, hope your not getting dumped on too much. ;)
Have a great weekend!

Steffie B. said...

Happy Weekend to you too girl....I have a little bit of the junk going on with myself as well. Not happy right now!!!!

Beverly said...

cute princesses. Glenys doesn't have the connection to moving the mouse on the computer yet to truly play alone on the computer. I wish she did. Oh well.


TC said...

Boy does Sydney look like her mother!!

Janet said...

Cute pics of two beautiful princesses!

Tiffany said...

They are such beautiful princesses!!!
Miss Lily looks so pretty (as always) in her princess dress.
Hope you feel better soon!
I hope winter is over soon..... we are getting snow now also.
Hope you have a good weekend!

JulieM said...

Don't princesses just have way too much fun together. And they are just way too cute!!

Mr.Brian said...

I think we are all sick of the cold.
It was a balmy 25 degrees today.I was ready to get my shorts out and sun bathe.
I heard you folks were getting snow again
We are supposed to get some again Monday.

The Princess's Mommy said...

What cute little princesses! Hope you have a great weekend! Feel better soon!


Dannye said...

love the pictures, and that tiera wand and earrings look familiar...glad to see they are still loved!! get better my sweets!! we love you guys!!

Juliette said...

These 2 princesses are so darn cute!
I hope you fell better to enjoy some rest and good time this weekend.
I am ready for spring too...

Beth and Shayna said...

Oh, I hope you feel better soon and I am glad Lily is doing better. It always does feel good to clean the house, especially after a sickness. Keep warm this weekend.

Mob said...

They are so cute together. I love the sweet an spicy princess. So, happy that lilly's new schedule is working out for you. Isn't it great when things just "click"

Jewels of My Heart said...

They are darling. Glad you all got to get together.
I am glad Lily is better. Now, you need to take care of you... it's called REST not deep cleaning your house!!!!!!
Hope you feel better friend.

Sharon said...

Oh, I hope you feel better soon!! Also, Your post is a familiar thing. I remember very fondly my 'four kids' who I babysat for all the time during college years. They are beginning to get married this year!! I send big gifts and can't understand how they grw up so fast. Hope you are very gentle with yourself until this cold goes away!!

somebody said...