Tuesday, May 15, 2007

7 Random facts about ME!

My friend Gwen has asked that I post 7 random facts about myself, and I adore Gwen so I am gonna do it. It is strange, though. I am so used to going on and on about Lily on this blog, but not so much about me.
But, here goes:
1. I dream of someday moving to a warmer climate. I love Michigan because my family is here, but I think I would be soooo much happier living in say Florida, or Georgia, or Tennessee!
2. Both my hubby and I were engaged to other people before we started dating each other.
3. One of my biggest passions is singing. However, I suffer from severe stage fright -- I have sung many solos before, but my dream job would be singing in a group, or singing back-up for someone else!
4. I love to write and hope to someday write a book loosely based on my life's experiences (love, marriage, infertility, adoption, and motherhood)...maybe it will have to be more than one book?
5. My favorite flower was always the daisy. I was crazy for all things daisy...Until I met my Lily! Being her momma is my greatest joy in life...but you all knew that!
6. I have been working in the restaurant industry for almost 15 years, and I still like it most days. I just hope to someday have my weekends back.
7. And lastly,(or firstly), I am a lover of God who is constantly slipping and trying to make my way back to His feet. I am weak, but He is strong. I couldn't do ANYTHING if it weren't for Him and His wonderful grace that is new every morning!

Those are just some random facts about me that you may or may not have known. I am supposed to tag 7 people now! Instead, if anyone wants to do it: go ahead and leave me a note in my comments so I can come check out your "random facts". I will say that I love learning little tidbits about my bloggin' friends, so play along if you dare!
P.S. Don't worry: I'll be back to pictures and stories of Lily tomorrow!


Stacy said...

You could move to Kentucky! It's warmer! :)

If you haven't noticed I also LOVE daisies. I would switch to Lily though if I had such a sweet Lily. :)

Great List!!

Jane said...

Really enjoyed reading these, it is fun to learn more bits and pieces about each other!

C.J. said...

Always fun to know more about you. Random fact #8: You take awesome photos!

redmaryjanes said...

I love your list. I too long for a warmer climate. Especially in Jan, Feb and March!

kerri said...

Enjoyed your list, I too think of a warmer climate especially in the throws of our Canadian winters, I love the thought of the Cayman Islands.
I love Lillies, my second daughter is Jillian Lily.


love it ... i am praying that TN is the state of choice someday!!! i could be your promoter for the book tour or music group... i love talking, but have no stage/writing talent ...hee hee

new girl said...

I will be first in line to buy your book! And to see you sing!

Emmie said...

I was tagged as well but am still thinking of my 7 facts.

Mommy Spice said...

I think it's fun reading about the mommies as well. I do love seeing pictures of Lily though. LOL.

Beckyb said...

See?? I still learn new things about you!!! I love these - they can be so enlightening!!

Steffie B. said...

Your just a wild child!

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

You area a woman of many talents.
Thanks for sharing

tracy said...

Well come on down girlfriend! Florida is fantastic!

I love reading fun facts. I feel like I know you a little more!

Ms. Dragonfly said...

You're going to have to expand on number two. It sounds juicy!

kris said...

Come to Florida... it's REALLY warm right now! Ha. Oh please bring the rain! I loved your list, and I will try to do the same soon.

Kathy and Joel said...

Great post! I say you and I both move to Arizona...I'm tird of these cold, Canadian winters.

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Well I only have one thing in common with you but I think it is the best, #7.
I like the strong 4 seasons we have here.
I was married before, not hubby
I only wish I could sing......
I like stargazor lilies.
I have beena hair design artist all my adult life {and some of my childhood ;O) }

Lynn said...

Hey! I'm all for Tennisee but Florida is too hot!

I love to sing unfortunately no one except Chris likes to hear me!

All Roses here!

I would like to write a book too, but I'm not disciplined enough so I'll stick to blogging!

I'd love to know where you work and which church you attend! e-mail me!

Jonni said...


I love finding out cool things I didn't know about people. I am going to list 7 random facts too. Take care.


a&mg said...

I guess I won't be calling you "neighbor" any time soon, then!

Anonymous said...