Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Weird Wednesday

Well, Christine has started doing "Weird Wednesdays" and I thought I'd play along this week. Most of the pictures I take of Lily are of her cute face...this one is of another one of her body parts. It is pretty cute, too, I might add. However, WHAT she said before striking this pose was what made me pause.

Lily: "I smell somefing"

Me: "What is it?"

Lily: "Me. I passed gas. Can you smell it?"

Nice, eh? Cute AND gassy. That's my girl.

AND, keeping with the "weird" theme, I have been tagged by Paula to post 7 weird/strange/random facts about myself. She and I have just recently become acquainted here in blogland. She is a very cool momma, so I've decided to play along here as well. (those of
you who already know me, or really could care less about my weirdness need not read any further!)
1. Lately I love watching reruns of "America's Next Top Model"...have actually stayed up VERY late doing this.
2. I was very tempted to get a nose job when I was younger. (if I had a lot of money, I would probably do it)
3. I lie awake in bed at night thinking about all of the things I did NOT get done that day.
4. I love my hip-hop class and in my dreams I am da bomb! (in reality, I kinda suck at it)
5. I eat too much. I think about food ALL THE TIME!
6. When I watch the "American Idol" tryouts I sometimes wish I was younger so I could try out.
7. I don't like feet. Most of 'em creep me out. ('cept Lily's...hers are cute)


Sophie's Mom said...

So glad you played along! That is a great picture, one you probably wouldn't have posted otherwise! Those are some cute buns. Funny the story that goes along with it - it fits well with my duck story from my last post!

mommy24treasures said...

very cute. I am sure you are da bomb ;)
I think of food too much too.

~Amy~ said...

Oh crack me up! I want to meet you someday oh so badly! I think our personalitlies are similar...could be a scary thing now that I think about it. haha I think about food ALL. THE. TIME. I pretend I can sing also all the time...but I really do suck. I also love ANTM and looove watching the re-runs. WHEW...and that picture of Lil...girl after my own heart! ;)

~Amy~ said...


sorry for the spelling error! ;)

Tracy said...

Very funny. Hannah is stinky too ...

I always learn something new about you when you do one of your "tag" posts. :)

ADELE said...

Now that is funny about what she said when she was bending over. Too cute.
I am alot like you. I eat too much and I definitely lay in bed thinking about things I didn't do that day. Also, I hate feet. I just think all feet are ugly and they creep me out. I do love Mallory's feet though. They are precious.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

I was tagged too..
I might have left to much info..LOL..
I am a reality tv junkie..
I want to be in one soo bad...
Love the picture.. and that is tooo funny what Lily said..
I was laughing soo hard..
Hugs to you..

Gee Gee said...

Lily has such a cute "booty"...even tho' it occasionally "stinks"

Janet said...

My kids call each other "Fart Factory" when the other one farts. Sigh. It's just so......classy. :-)

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

I hear you on the feet thingy, Sista! Egads they are horrid.

Tiffany said...

That is so funny!!!!

You go girl... I bet you are da bomb in hip hop!

I was also tempted to get a nose job and still get that way if I see a profile picture of myself. AHHHH

Denise C said...

Well now, I think Lily smells just as sweet as ever! As for ARE da bomb in my book girlfriend!
And.....oh my...did you write some of those "things" about me??? I do not like feet either....(except baby feet...they are so precious!). I always recount my day and what I did not accomplish, as I lie awake worrying about it!
And...I wake up thinking..."What am I going to eat???"
Thanks for this fun post!
Love ya!

Steffie B. said...

OMW...are you freaking out on me? WW AND a tag?????? ;)

Panda-Mom said...

Yeah. I think my princess has the worst gas in the world! That Asian gas has some kinda awful stinch to it...AND they're silent! ; )

Beverly said...

at least she owns up to it. Glenys blames the dog or her blanket.


kerri said...

Oh my your Lily is just adorable, LOL. My Jennifer always laughs and tells me "My bumb just burped, excuse me"
She is such a corker, LOL.
Something we have in common, I too think about food all the time and my hips are telling me the same story, LOL.

Sharon said...

I keep seeing your pretty flower on other comments and thought I come visit! That was a funy post! Thanks.

Mob said...

I know, what is it about farts that are so funny to kids. Even in kids movies they always have to throw in the token "fart" laugh. Great job on the weird 7, I don't like feet much either.

Mommy Spice said...

Oh my goodness....she is hilarious!!

Love the weird facts. I love food too. I sometimes have dreams about dessert buffets where I can eat all I want. LOL!!

Jewels of My Heart said...

hehee that Lily cracks me up!
Loved your list of facts too.

crazylady said...

I thought about buying the video "hip hop abs" but then I hipped and hopped myself to the fridge and did an sandwich crunch.
You're a live wire if you take hip hop. Young and willy nilly.

Thanks for the recent visits. I promise to make a cameo more often. You DO want more of me right?

Kimber said...

Funny! I think it is so cool you take hip hop. I bet you are da bomb too!

I think most feet are gross but I must say my feet are my best attribte. They are tiny and I have never worn heels so they are pretty. My friends and family tease me that I am too proud of my own feet but hey it is they only part of my body that is really cute:)


Anonymous said...