Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a good time ringing in 2007 -- we were "partying" at my sister's house, once again. I was with some of the people I love most on earth at midnight, so we're off to a good start over here.
I don't really do the whole New Year's Resolution thing, but I do have some goals set for this new year. I like the idea of a "fresh start" and that is how I am feeling right now. I have made some errors, but I have the chance to make things better and that is what I am setting out to do.
I am hesitating posting some of the goals I'm setting, because it will reveal some of my past failures, but what the heck -- I'll do it anyway. But please, comments of encouragement are welcome, but check your negative comments at the door. Thank you!
1. Get Lily potty-trained by her 3rd birthday in June.
2. Get Lily sleeping in her own bed THIS MONTH. (See, I told you I have made some errors)
3. Find a way to contribute more financially to this family. I need to get creative.
4. Be a better, more supportive wife.
5. Be a more patient momma.
6. Find a new church. (And once we do -- get Lily to stay in the nursery).

That is all, for now. I am looking forward to this new year with great expectation. We will celebrate 2 years as a family of three in April! Jay will be celebrating another birthday tomorrow (he will finally be MY age) until I have another birthday in June, that is. Lily will also celebrate another birthday in June. She will be three!!!!!!
I look forward to many wonderful and unexpected blessings, as well. In our lives and in the lives of my friends in bloggerland!!!!! Won't it be fun???
Again, Happy New Year!


Steffie B. said...

Happy New Year my china thread friend! Love and miss you too! And do need to get Princess Lily in her own bed! lol Other than that....we're all working on the potty training thing, and we all have to deal with those "husband's" of ours and church nursery can be scary! We just got Sophia to go in it this past fall. As far as creative idea's to contribute financially, I'll email you personally! :) Oh and as far as being a more patient Mama....if you figure that one out.....please, PLEASE pass on your secret! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you were up so early after going to bed so late! We got up around 10 but are still tired. Looks like we missed out on a good family time last night. Maybe next year.....
You have a lot of resolutions. Me....none!! Hope you achieve all your goals!

Jody said...

That picture turned out great! I see mom posted, that's fun. Your comment list continues to grow. Love you!

Emmie said...

I'm very much looking forward to a new year as well! Love the pic! Tell Jay I said Happy Birthday!

Emmie said...

Opps, forgot to say... Happy New Year!! :)

Beckyb said...

Well I am right there with you - I need to work harder on the potty training- I am about ready to give up as of today! More income?? I hear you - it never goes far enough - we're worth more than they pay us maybe! Husbands?? I"m with Stef on that one - we just need to keep praying about that one. And the patient mom - Oh man, DON'T ask my kids!!!!! Maybe we need to hold each other accountable - then again, maybe not - it might be depressing!! :) Happy New Year!!!

Gee Gee said...

Happy New Year to the Doctor Family. Lily sure looks cute with her crown on!!

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

This is getting way to freaky, my hubby who always got called Jay by his family also celebrates his birthday tomorrow!!!! birthday is in June, the 12 when is yours?
Happy New Year bloggy pal with a special connection!
I think your goals/resolutions are really great and very do-able, much better than mine since I havne't done any.....I can't stand the pressure so early in the year.
P.S. So glad Lily loves the videos on our blog.

angeleyes Blue said...

Happy New Year :)

I am getting the feeling that I am the old one of the crowd but I want to play too!

I have Irish Twins--that means I was pregnant for TWO YEARS with the exception of 5 weeks.

We put our son in a twin bed when he was 11 months but used plastic container lids to brace against him so he wouldn't fall out. I would surround him with pillows so it would decrease the bed area for him. It made the bed fit him and made it not so scary.

The best advice I recieved re: potty training...Relax, no one goes to college in diapers. It will happen when it happens. I have to admit I 'Habit trained' my kids first. Once they got the idea it was a piece of cake.

I was the church nursery teacher so I was there.

My husband is a 'Little Boy' at heart--that is why I married him.

Creative ideas to contribute financially? We have been together for 22 years and have Irish Twins who now are teenagers. All they need to do is open the fridge door and inhale. They have lapped my 5'8" frame and are still growing. I am still a size 8 shoe, 8 womans clothes and 8 ring size after 25 years.

My daughter has legs that are 43 inches long (and that is just the leg) and we buy new shoes for her often. I am still wearing the same shoes I had 6 years ago and my jeans (which still fit by the way) were bought when we moved to Albuquerque 9 years ago.

Deep breathing always helps my patience factor.

All this to shall pass faster than you know it. 9 years ago my daughter was in pre-school and wearing toddler shoes and size 4T.

Enjoy this time and have a ball! This is the fun stuff.

Verna said...

Happy New Year Doctor Family!!
Happy Birthday Jay!!

Not stressing on potty training or big beds here. I'm keeping my baby as long as I can. ;)

Not a resolution person cuz I never carry through.

All the best to you in 2007. Keep posting pics of you beautiful Lily Lin.

Anonymous said...