Monday, December 18, 2006

Bedtime blues

Why is it that when you are younger you fight against naps with all your might and when you are older you would give just about anything for a little cat nap? And bedtime for a toddler is a dreaded necessity and it is something that most adults look forward to longingly most days?

It is no different at our house. Lily won't usually cry or protest her naps -- she will just talk about anything and everything under the sun to protest the dreaded enemy... sleep. Today she was passing an excessive amount of gas, followed by "escuse me, momma" after every little toot. (Sorry if my discussing gas makes anybody uncomfortable, but it has always been fair game in my family.) So, she is tooting away, excusing herself and giggling. Then she starts counting, then naming family members, then she just gets goofy. "Lily stinky gas, daddy stinky gas, dog stinky gas" etc. etc.

It got to be so late today that I just got her out of bed and decided that a nap just wasn't gonna happen. So, Jay put her to bed early tonight (8pm), and now she is awake and sitting beside me as I type... just chattering away. (It is 1am) Lily: "Momma so tired, fruit loops so tired, apple jacks so tired..." Big yawn. Me thinks that Lily is so tired. Although now she is saying "Lily help momma make the coffee"

Never a dull moment. But the sleep thing has always been less than perfect over here. I am actually starting to understand why my mom put a lock on the OUTSIDE of my bedroom door when I was a kiddo.

But, when sleep does finally come... there is nothing sweeter.



eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Nikki, welcome to bloggy land. Lily is just so naps and all!
I wonder why it is that we fight sleep with all our might when we are little and crave it like mad when are big????

Beckyb said...

You got it Momma - no sleep but we still LOVE 'EM!!! She is such a honey - you can't get too mad!!! But you are right - it makes the sleep we do get sweeter!

Emmie said...

Well you know how it is with little kids, especially our spicy girls... If they don't want to go to bed they won't!

Anonymous said...