Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Best Laid Plans -- Part two

Well, I could just write a little fluff about how we baked cookies at Papa and grandma's ("Booma's") house yesterday, cuz we did indeed cut, bake, frost, and sprinkle some Christmas cookies. Aren't they cute? Mini cookies for our sweet mini people.
However, that doesn't begin to cover the day we had yesterday. We set out in the AM to print our Christmas cards -- yes , we finally got a picture that we thought was good enough to send out. Lily is looking to the side and has a fake smile, but we are done waiting for the PERFECT photo... she will only sit still for 15 seconds at a time and I am lacking in patience. So, we go to Walmart, cuz that is where I went last year and it was quick and painless. When am I gonna learn that what was easy last year is going to be a nightmare this year? The cards were supposed to take 25 minutes to make, so the 2 of us strolled around the store to kill time. Long story short, the photo machine broke and after waiting OVER AN HOUR we were told they didn't have any idea when our cards would be done. So, I made my way (unhappily) to the registers at the front to purchase all the crap I had to get to pacify my child in this overcrowded store...an opened bag of goldfish crackers, an opened bag of snack-sized cashews, M&Ms, barrettes, pony tail holders, and a flashlight. Yes, a flashlight... if you know Lily, that will make perfect sense to you. The nuts and M&Ms were picked up while we waited in line...longest line ever!!!! Well, by now it is well past lunchtime and dangerously close to nap time, so we swing by MacDonald's for a burger and fries. Normally this would be a 10 minute stop cuz Lily would eat 5 fries and say "all done" and I would inhale my cheeseburger and we would be home for a nap before we had to leave for booma's house. Nope, yesterday my kid found her appetite and ate her entire happy meal. It took about 45 minutes...speedy eater she is not.
So, her nap was in the car on the way to Booma's and it lasted a whopping 25 minutes. I knew I was in trouble. After an evening of making cookies with family we headed home for a night from ____! (Insert a truly horrible place)
Lily fell asleep in the car on the way home, but woke up once we were in the house and proceeded to have herself one mind blowing meltdown. It started around 7:45 and lasted for longer than I care to admit. She finally fell asleep around 10:30. In case anyone was wondering why I didn't post yesterday?
So, I went back out to Walmart tonight (alone) to pick up our cards and will be up addressing and stamping them all tonight so I can mail them out to all my loved ones in the morning.
Well, that's the PLAN anyway...


Beckyb said...

I hear you - these little ones can sure throw a MAJOR kink into things!!! That can be frustrating to me when I have a plan going, but she will wake up with a smile and it will all be worth it!! Hang in there, Mom.

Michelle said...

Your day sounds similar to mine. It looks like you guys had a blast. Miss you all so much

Steffie B. said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of "your not in charge anymore Mom...I am"! lol

Anonymous said...