Friday, December 15, 2006

Lil tidbits

Well, These are pictures of sweet Lil after making a late night MacDonald's run with daddy. I was totally craving a milkshake, so daddy bundled Lily up and off they went. She was giggling nonstop -- so excited to be wearing her princess jammies AND her pink boots. When daddy bought her an ice cream cone, she was so happy she nearly came undone. Don't judge us for our lack of structure over here... Lily is back on China time somehow. so we are just rolling with it a little bit, we will get back on track eventually. Anyway, Jay is staying home with Lily tomorrow so that I can go to work. My sister usually babysits on Friday, but her entire family has been stung by the flu bug. YUCK! So, we are just whooping it up due to the fact that we can ALL sleep in tomorrow. SO ANYWAY,
I don't know about the rest of you momma's, but one of the most entertaining parts of my life is listening to the funny, off the wall things that come out of my kid's mouth. A lot of times it isn't so much WHAT she says, but it is more about HOW she says it.
When she walked in the door from her trip to MacDonald's she ran up to me and said, "Happy see you momma...mmmmm yummy ice bweem come"
She is constantly saying "Wait a minute" and "where she go? I dunno eater... now what I'm gone do?" She saw me open a package with scissors once and now everytime she wants something opened she will say "Momma open scissors."
She will turn out the light and say "Shh shh, be bwiet." as she tiptoes around the room.
She is always asking me to fill her hands with random items, saying "Yiddy carrot awdissum" translation: Lily carry all of them. She pronounces lily Lin as Yiddy Yin.
Living room sounds like weava womb: Please=pweese; Baddaweena move=ballerina move.(she has several moves/poses that she is fond of doing.)
I must always listen carefully so that I can correctly interpret her many ramblings. I know that I will be more than a little sad when she starts pronouncing everything perfectly...she is just growing up so quickly!!!


Beckyb said...

The language is the same over here - much translation needed somtimes and yet we think she's so easy to understand!!! I love the ice cream story.

Steffie B. said...

Ditto at the Beckering house! Our favorite is....Mmmmmmm dewishus. Translation...delicious! Oh yes, Daniel is Deedal! We actually call him Deedal now. Poor little guy! What are big sister's for???

Emmie said...

Like mom said, same thing over here! There are sometimes where only I can understand what she's saying! My favorite is badubbadubba... which mean blueberries. It sounds really cute and silly when she says it, she even can't say it without giggling. ;)

Jody said...

Good job on spelling the words Lily says. So glad the flu has left,too bad it continue in other people's homes. CUTE PICTURES!!!!!!

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