Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fun little meme

I missed blogging while we were gone, so here I am posting for the second time today! Lily is sleeping soundly in the other room with her stack of paper bowls. She developed a new obsession with paper products while we were gone. You may have noticed some small paper plates in a couple of the pics I posted from our trip. She grabbed some from Great Grandma's appetizer table and wouldn't let them out of her sight for the entire evening. Then, back at Booma and Papa's house it was a stack of small dixie cups that she carried around with her everywhere. (She even bathed with them). So, now we are home again and she has been clinging to some Mickey Mouse paper bowls. Funny, quirky kid!
I found this meme on one of my new favorite blogs The Jade Road. I had fun reading hers, so I thought I'd play along... I hope you will too. If you do, leave me a comment so I can check yours out.

What is something that...

1. Always makes you giggle? When Lily belly laughs. It is the cutest sound ever.
2. Always makes you mad? When I receive a bad tip.
3. Always makes you cry? When one of my parents tells me they are proud of me.
4. Always cheers you up? When Lily tells me she loves me.
5. Always makes you frustrated? Finances.
6. Always makes you hungry? Seeing, smelling, or simply thinking about food.
7. Always makes you tired? Traveling.
8. Always makes you sick? hmmmm... I dunno. The thought of children being abused.
9. Always makes you fall down? I can't remember the last time I fell down.
10. Always makes you nostalgic? Definitely 80's music. I LOVED the 80's -- just ask my hubby.

Ok, your turn.


Steffie B. said...

I love the 80's too! My ipod is downloaded like crazy with 80's music! So glad you are home! Miss you!

a&mg said...

Thanks for playing:) I know what you mean about traveling--I always feel like I need a vacation after a vacation!

Beckyb said...

80's Girl - that's my ERA!!! Remember Xanadu?!?!? Olivia Newton John?!?! She was my hero - leg warmers and all!! I loved the MEME - I'll try to play along here - we still have company and my life is out of control - maybe after the holidays things will slow down?!?!?

Jody said...

Cute entry. I'm not sure how to play along you'll have to get me up to speed.

Emmie said...

I like the post! Maybe I'll try and play along! :)

Gee Gee said...

I LOVE this bloggin' thing! Great pictures Nikki. That little Lily Lin couldn't be any cuter!!
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...