Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The best laid plans

Well, sorry I haven't posted in a few days. I hope I don't lose my audience of two!!

It is just so funny how much REALITY differs from the idea you have in your head of how your life is gonna go (especially when there is a 2 yr old involved).
We made it to the Santa Brunch on Sunday afternoon, as planned. But, everything from that point on went seriously off course. I pictured Lily sitting happily on Santa-daddy's lap and smiling for a photo -- which I would place next to her beautiful photo from last year. I am sentimental like that. But Lily had other things in mind. She decided that she would run scared in the opposite direction saying over and over and over again "All done santa daddy!"
She would then run around like a bit of a lunatic throughout lunch, causing me quite a bit of heartache and embarrassment. I have to work with these people, afterall. So, that afternoon was a disappointment, but I was OK, because I knew we would be going to my parent's house the next night for a "photo shoot" of sorts -- they have a beautiful home with a nice fireplace. We took Lily's picture there last year and sent it as our Christmas card. So, that is what I set out to do. But, once again Lily had other things in mind.
You got it -- "All done picture fireplace" ... "Too hot, too hot"
My daughter has a strong will, so once she says "all done" to something -- good luck to anyone who tries to change her mind.
When she doesn't want to sleep.. "all done bed, all done sleep, all done warm (throws off blanket)
When she wants daddy to leave her alone..."all done daddy" (daddy loves that one)
When ANY food is offered to her..."all done____" (the girl eats next to NOTHING)
So, basically the only thing that is NOT all done... Our Christmas card.

But, I am going to keep trying. She did offer to have her picture taken last night in her princess jammies. Hey, it's certainly not my first choice but time is running out.


Anonymous said...

Too funny, what a stinker but oh how familiar. Can't wait to see what you finally send out. I don't mind if she's in her PJs.

Steffie B. said...

Yes...we tried the family picture the other night as well. I got one picture with her smiling before her melt down hit! Strong willed girls we definitely all have! :)

Beckyb said...

I am just chuckling over here - I can laugh only because I have one spicy girl too!! I am telling you - the only reason we got a picture is because it was in our basement with her family all around - she's funny about that. Hang in there - I'd like a jammie picture too - we LOVE princess jammies!!!

The Shocks said...

Don't you all love our spicy girls.

Anonymous said...